Introducing RecruitJet

We find the perfect person to join your team.

We sell the person with the ideal skillset on your company and your role so you can make the hire and then get back to doing what you do best.

Why use RecruitJet

Finding 10Xers to join your team is brutally hard.

Making a key hire is difficult for one main reason: the best employees are generally happily employed. It takes cold outreach, diligent screening and selling them on your mission and opportunity.

We created RecruitJet to do just that.


We identify the perfect candidate by working with your team and laying out the must-haves. From experience and skillset to location and attitude.


We target individuals with the experience and skills you require with relentless outreach to build the perfect candidate pool.

Vet and Sell

We vet the prospects to make sure no time is wasted and sell the best folks on your company so they arrive excited about what you have to offer.

How it Works

When you engage us, we don't stop until your hire is made.

We make the process ridiculously easy, so you can put your business's growth in focus while we worry about the hiring.

Let us know your growth goals

We get an understanding for your business, and what you want to achieve

We find and vet applicants

We use our massive network of vetted growth pros to find great matches

You choose the right fit

We'll bring you the perfect candidates to interview and hire.

The Team

Nick Huber


Nick has hired over 300 employees in his career from finance to underwriting to engineering. He knows how important top talent is to growth and he is used to going out and getting it.

Marshall Haas


Marshall has grown a recruiting agency (Shepherd) to over 150 employees placing 100+ roles a month. He knows how to build systems to help clients find the talent they need to grow their companies.

Brian Colunio

Co-Founder & Head of Recruiting

With an extensive background in recruiting and as a real-estate entrepreneur Brian is keenly aware of the impact that a 10xer can have in your company and is perfectly positioned to help you find your next great hire.


Let us find your next A Player.

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